Choosing an Instructor



My first advice is to contact lots of Trainers, ask some questions about the type of training that is done, this will of course depend on the problems you have, or standard that you wish to achieve.


Then ask if you can go along and watch a class, if this is refused or there are excuses about why you can't watch before your expected to hand over money, phone the next one on your list. Is the training indoors or out, is it based on competition work (no use to the average pet owner) or is based on behaviour modification. If it’s in a scout hut with 20 other dogs, it will probably make your dog worse than he already is.

Then on the visit ask some questions about your dogs behaviour, do the trainers sound as if they know what their talking about. Ask to see their own dog work always a good test.  


Whatever you decide advice should always be free, if people won't answer a few questions, how they train, or let you see them work, go elsewhere.

Ask the other members some questions, about the instructor’s style and technique; I always slip my clients a couple of quid, before new people arrive so they make me look good.


Cost, travelling time and times of classes must have something to do with it, can you afford it, is it too far, for a long term commitment. Good luck