Pet Training FAQ

"How much will it cost"

Straight to point


That’s going to depend on what dog you have and what problems also the age of the dog for example.


Puppy training:  if we have a few new clients with the same age dogs we do these introduction sessions in small groups for £25 then classes which are all £20


Dogs around 9 months: or with a few issues no recall, mouthing, jumping up general bad behaviour, but no aggression issues, we do these introduction sessions in small groups for £35 then classes which are all £20


Both the above can be booked on a 121 quicker.


Any dog with any aggression issues whether dog to dog or dog to human an initial consultation assessment training session and then further 121s until we think we can do group work.  The initial charge from £75 depending on the problems.


Before you get your new dog or I’ve just got a new dog 121 around two hours maybe more we help you decide what dog to get and includes your first lesson when you get your dog so over three hours of training £75


"How do I start"

I send you a form to fill in return it asap and we will send you a date


"Where and when is your course run"

At our school in Gravely near  Stevenage which we share with Barking Mad DTS


"Can I come and watch the training first “

Yes by prior appointment, we take a couple of visitors on Sundays


Be careful advice should always be free, so ask lots of questions, but be careful there's a lot of people out there waiting to rip you off. Also if you want to train in a scout hut with 20 other dogs and pay £5 this is not the right place for you, and I’m definitely not the right trainer.

Whatever you decide Good Luck


Mic Martin