Pet Training Course

A club for people who want to spend a couple of enjoyable hours having fun, training their dogs and learning to be their dogs leader. The club concentrates its efforts working on the bond between the dog and owner and the control that is needed to create a happy relationship. Whether your dog is eight weeks or eight years old, the MIC MARTIN DOG TRAINING unlocks the mystery behind successful dog training. Our comprehensive training programme allows you to control your pet while also improving the quality of your dog’s life. The Group classes are spread over one and half hours, enabling handlers to train in a relaxed unhurried manner with a maximum of 8 per class. Small group 3 and 5 day courses and One on One sessions are also available. Whether in a class or a one on one, handler training is always geared to having fun with your pet dog with attention training, obedience some sort of nosework (searches etc) and finally some light fun agility. To join us please use the contact sheet, tell us briefly about your dog including its breed, age, and any problems you may have.


General Pet Training for dogs with no behavioural issues


1. Walk on the lead without pulling even when there are distractions around.

2. Come back every time you call it, even when there are distractions around.

3. Sit and stay in the sit until you tell it move

4. Down and stay Down until you tell it to get up.

5. Understand a little about the behaviour of your dog, with regard Diet, Sleeping, Toilet training, interaction with humans and the famous "NO"command

We do lots more like searches and agility but the top five is all you need for the a perfect Pet





Together with Dog Borstal Judge Richard Clarke I am running several courses this year. All types and ages of dogs will be taken as you'll be grouped to your requirements. I will personally be involved in the running of the courses with my team of trainers.